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I'm so excited to share my next project with you!

"La chatte" in French for Pussy is a walk-in room installation that stages a golden vagina in the middle. On the inner surface of the room box, 400 dildos strive towards the golden mean.

The installation plays with associations of the glory hole as a chapel. The matriarchy was always present in the background, the patriarchy shouting everywhere and all. The focus here is on the Golden Vagina.

The strength of women symbolically packaged in an oversized object, shining gold. It's about self-love, appreciation and the self-image of women as the gender that draws strength from its advantages, uses them and succeeds.

"La chatte" French for "pussy", at the same time cat, chat the conversation, chit chat the superficial ramblings, shut shut, shut up shut up.

Contain everything, everything part of the association around a picture of woman, matriarchy, being a woman.

Whoever enters the room enters the almond-shaped opening, 400 penis tips aim and wiggle. There is only room for one. In the background, the song "Je t'aime ... moi non plus" by Serge Gainsbourg and his beloved Jane Birkin sounds in an endless loop. The golden vagina glows. Think for a moment and understand.

Huge thanks and a thousand kisses to my dearest Julia Lackner, art director and collaborator!


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