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Wencke Pond is an Artist based in Vienna.


Born in 1978 in Hoyerswerda, she early questioned the views of her socialist environment, resulting in a critical curiosity in person, art and lifestyle.


In her work she uses various media that she combines to deal with temporary incidents or contemporary problems.
 She examines these topics in terms of their moral content and uses them as overarching questions in her artwork.
 Next to her graphics, Wencke Pond creates expansive Installations that are staged as a peep box stage. 
Within the limited horizone of the installations , the artist accumulates thematically related content and creates paradoxical fractures.

She often works at the same time on installations, graphics and artistic interventions, complementing recurring themes and a basic vocabulary of recursive Symbolism. Using simple means, the artist contrasts irony with seriousness as criticizable double standards.


Wencke Pond presents the content in a open, accessible way. Doing so, she addresses the viewer, whose freedom to interpret the metaphorical imagery is an important part of her work.

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